One simple design motif–So many possibilities.

Sometime in 2012 a traditional and intricately decorative design motif called Paisley became my main source of inspiration. This traditional paisley morphed into a modern and simplified motif and is also called Bōtēh, an anglicized version of the Hindi word, būtā. 

Call it Paisley or Boteh–a flower, pine cone, seed or a droplet. This one drop found its way into a porcelain sculpture titled Golden Lotus–recreated in bronze in 2017. One inspirational drop of an idea joined many drops of acrylic paint and delightfully coated canvas and wood; with colored pens and pencils this one drop gets drawn in various sizes and juxtapositions on paper and fabric.

Continuing its visual evolution–this one drop became a repeat pattern by mirroring and multiplying itself in various sizes.

This is my One Drop of Inspiration for a sculpture, a painting, a drawing, a sketch, a design, a product, a concept, and a very creative life. 

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